Who we work with

Consequence UK works across the UK and Republic of Ireland for NHS Trusts, private hospitals, county councils, general public sector, CCG’s and the PHSO. Our training workshops and independent investigations consultancy covers acute, social and mental healthcare sectors. With our new E-Learning product, we are looking to meet the demand for in house capacity that delivers training excellence as well as meeting the need beyond the UK for robust foundations in understanding how to deliver more effective investigations.

Why we are effective

Our Clients benefit from our hands on experience and appreciation of the realities of the day to day because our work encompasses service development, independent investigations and investigations training. We are, therefore, able to bring the principles of investigation practice and tools to life for the delegates that attend our workshops. Our MD, Maria Dineen, and facilitators have all worked within the NHS system in various capacities, and continue to build on that deep level on insight through continuing to work with practitioners as independent associates and investigators, also delivering consultancy on change programmes to improve the efficiency and quality of care given.

What we do and how we do it

We believe in using the experience of today to make a better tomorrow for the patients, their families and the teams that take care of them. We train on the principles of effective investigation practice, root cause analysis methods and tools, and how to judge when and how to apply them. We take care to deliver training that is aligned with our Client’s policies and aims. The principles of human factors analysis is integral to all of our work and supports organisations in building more effective recommendations and action plans.
We deliver start to finish independent investigations and consult on services development and turnaround projects. If you’d like to read more about these, please consider the ‘Investigations‘ section.

Our training style

CUK has refined an interactive and engaging training style over more than a decade of working with teams across levels and disciplines in healthcare. Wherever possible, we integrate real reports and scenarios, and make use of the opportunity to build on peer to peer experience and support, working with our Clients to map out the needs and level of experience in their teams in advance of the workshops. We are regularly delighted by evaluations that describe how helpful our training has been to create deeper levels of understanding and application of practice, and we achieve this by bringing the methods to life with exercises, group work and discussion, pre-workshop preparation and the depth of experience of our facilitators.