Of course, we deliver what you would expect – integrity, robustness, collaborative and partnership working, openness with families and technical competence.
What sets Consequence UK apart is its ability to find an approach that suits the case to achieve the best quality investigation with available resources – an ability to look beyond the traditional and utilise approaches not commonly seen in evidence.



CUK provides ‘at a distance’ support for staff conducting in-house health or social care investigations.
This is delivered via Web-ex, Facetime, or Skype. Web-ex is the favoured medium as it allows easy sharing of documents on screen.

Support would generally be provided at key stages of the investigation process:

  • Start up, terms of reference, scope, proportionality
  • Following the creation of the timeline / control map
  • Pre and post interview.
  • After the interviews. Formulation of care concerns, and the analysis of these
  • Formulation of recommendations
  • Constructive feedback on the Investigation report

For a local health or social care service providers we recommend a face-to-face facilitated approach as it:

  • Supports the building of in-house capability;
  • Ensures that the organisation maintains a real stake in the investigation and thus ownership of it;
  • Provides value for money, and a defendable use of public resource.

Consequence is an experienced investigations company across all spheres of health and social care. We deliver ‘start to finish’ independent investigations for NHS and private healthcare clients (such as individual Trusts, CCG’s, Local Area Teams, Trust Development Agency, NHS England).

Ensure your report is able to stand up to external or internal scrutiny and obtain valuable critique for future learning.

Consequence has the capability and capacity to act as Independent Author or Chair for serious case reviews, including domestic homicide reviews.

CUK provides 1:1 or small group mentorship and coaching to staff tasked with leading serious untoward incident reviews in their organisations.
These sessions are conducted via web-ex so reasonable broadband performance, and access to a webcam and headset is important for full and active participation. The coaching can be delivered to investigation teams, which enables open discussion about the specifics of a case. Coaching can be delivered to groups of staff from different organisations and/or services, and can focus on aspects of practice that the group have agreed on in advance of the workshop.
All workshops are recorded so that attendees can store the session on their local computer for future reference.


The effect of time and changes in personnel and policy can lead to underperforming teams and services. The safety and quality of services can be compromised if the issues are not identified and addressed in good time. It is CUK’s experience that  a causative factor can be a lack of unified perspective of what the team and service needs to deliver to be consistently successful.

CUK will work with your team/service to facilitate the achievement of a clear articulation of Critical Success Factors and core objectives. Our process is inclusive, ensuring that these are representative and ‘owned’ by everyone working in that service, as everyone has been provided with the opportunity to participate and contribute their views. Furthermore agreed critical success factors will always positively contribute to the achievement of corporately agreed core objectives for the organisation.

An integral component of a turnaround project like this is a comprehensive internal assessment of the team and service’s ability to deliver against each and every one of the core objectives necessary for CSF achievement.

Consequence provides an on-site facilitation service:

  • Supporting the conduct of roundtable adverse event reviews
  • Conducting deep dive exploration with teams that are experiencing dysfuntionality, including cultural issues
  • Working with organisations and services to assist in the identification of their Core Critical Success Factors and associated objectives.