The core principles and practice of conducting an effective investigation, and the tools and techniques that help you to achieve this.

Suitable as an introduction to effective investigations for new or inexperienced practitioners across disciplines and all areas of health and social care.

Delegates to invite

  • Staff who undertake local team based investigations
  • Managers of the investigations process
  • Staff undertaking significant adverse incident reviews
  • Teams investigating non-complex complaints that do not constitute serious incidents
  • Staff who investigate professional performance concerns
  • Roles responsible for critiquing or applying investigations recommendations
  • Staff who act as clinical/ specialist advisors to serious untoward incident investigations
  • Managers or staff that ‘ask’ others to investigate (i.e. commissioners of internal investigations)

Key features of the workshop

  • The basic ABC’s of how to conduct an effective investigation
  • An insight into a range of tools and techniques that will assist with this
  • Gain an appreciation of how ‘root cause analysis’ and therefore human and systems factors analysis can be applied during the investigation process.


1 Day Workshop enquiry
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