CUK have devised a series of modules based on our most popular training workshops. This 2 Day Modular offering is a bespoke blend of our Effective Investigations training, with elements of our specialist or professional development day workshops.

Delegates to invite

  • More extensively experienced investigative team members
  • Suits Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) who are intent on developing specific areas
  • Collaborative teams (like a combined CCG/ Provider team)
  • Teams that have skills in some areas, but require a deeper skill set in others

Key features of the workshop

CUK modular workshops enable our Clients to elect the modules that will most benefit their attending delegates. CUK will be happy to outline these core modules for your selection if you contact us with your enquiry. For more foundational refresher training, or if you require a 1 Day training option, please consider the 1 day modular option.

As a sample of the modules we offer, consider:

  • When to apply RCA in the investigation process
  • Analysing information gathered in an investigation
  • Designing robust recommendations that reliably deliver smart action plans
  • Effective report writing
  • An update on essential tools and techniques

2 Day Modular
Contact our Office Manager for more information and costs on our 2 Day modular programmes