Anyone working with patients and their families will know that the only thing that counts ‘when the chips are down’ is an open, honest and thus transparent approach. However, Duty of Candour can be challenging to achieve, and challenging to deliver. This half day workshop presents an opportunity to achieve clarity about what the requirements are, and how these can be delivered within a provider setting.

Delegates to invite

This workshop is for staff:

  • Tasked with the responsibility of telling a patient or their family that ‘the outcome’ was less than expected or ‘something has gone wrong’
  • Undertaking local team based investigations
  • Undertaking significant adverse incident reviews
  • Undertaking the investigation of complaints
  • Acting as clinical/ specialist advisors to serious untoward incident investigation
  • ‘Asking’ others to investigate (i.e. commissioners of internal investigations)

Key features of the workshop

  • What it means to deliver  ‘Being Open’ and our ‘Duty of Candour
  • Achieving real engagement of patients and families
  • Ensuring the questions asked by patients and families are addressed and responded to appropriately
  • Meeting with patients and families to share the findings. Conclusions and recommendations of the investigation process

Being Open Workshop enquiry
Contact our Office Manager for our Being Open programme and workshop costs