Learning from serious untoward events is a core characteristic of an organisation that has a healthy safety culture. It is also a means of demonstrating organisational commitment to delivering a safe, high quality service. At a senior level, this workshop provides an appropriate overview of methods and tools, responsibilities in the process and a clear idea of what ‘good’ looks like.

Delegates to invite

Our 1/2 day Executive briefing is suitable for:

  • Executives and other senior managers
  • Senior clinicians with management responsibilities
  • Board level directors and non-executive directors
  • Commissioners

Key features of the workshop

The core purpose of the workshop is to enable a clear vision of:

  • What ‘good’ looks like
  • The senior executive’s and manager’s roles and responsibility within the serious incident and complaint review process

Key points that are explored include the assessing of:

  • Whether an approach is robust and proportionate
  • Whether important aspects of care and treatment have been  benchmarked against expected local and national standards
  • Where serious lapses in standards are found that the contributory factors of greatest significance have been identified
  • The range of recommendations and action plans and their likelihood for sustainable quality and safety improvement

And an understanding of effective investigations models, methods and tools.

Executive 1/2 Day enquiry
Contact our Office Manager for our Executive 1/2 Day programme and workshop costs