This unique day of professional development is for individuals who are instrumental in delivering effective investigations.

It’s a unique opportunity to reflect on day to day usage of investigations tools and techniques, and refresh and update key knowledge.

Delegates to invite

This is suited to experienced practitioners with recent and ongoing investigations remits. This day is designed to update their knowledge, enhance the effectiveness of their practice using the organisations requirements and actual practice.

Key features of the workshop

The reflective practice programme is a day of professional development for individuals who regularly conduct investigations into moderate to high impact incidents or near miss events.

It presents participants with a unique opportunity to reflect on their usage of investigation tools and techniques in their day to day work. The day is comprised of a series of refresher sessions and the presentation of serious incident investigation reports by colleagues, which are discussed in interactive sessions. The facilitator will enrich the learning with skill development and discussion that relates specifically to the practice and skillset of the people in the room.

The workshop is intended to enable supportive troubleshooting and professional learning in a safe, reflective environment.

Workshop enquiry
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