Having a trusted advisor to talk to professionally can make all the difference to the consistency and quality of investigations undertaken, and reports written. Our support or mentoring offering provides support in delivering complex or challenging investigations.

Delegates to invite

  • Newly created investigations teams
  • Newly appointed team leaders and managers who are expected to embrace the conduct of investigation as a core component of their role specification
  • Teams handling a complex investigation outside of routine

Key features and delivery of this service

Small group mentoring or 1:1 sessions provide support in delivering complex or challenging investigations, ensuring that the organisation enhances and retains the skills and confidence of key staff for future investigations. It also empowers these staff to act as effective mentors for a broader range of staff conducting the more ‘day to day’ investigations such as complaints. Specific focus is determined by the organisation, or individual skills and experience, or the specific investigation.

On site mentoring is possible, but Web-Ex or Skype based group or individual sessions tends to suit most busy professionals.

Contact our Office Manager to arrange for detailed information and costs